Inspired by the
Alpine rivers
Professional equipment for ambitious fly fishermen
Inspired by the
Alpine rivers
Professional equipment for ambitious fly fishermen

Flyfishing with hotfly - our vision

We believe in the future of the fly fishing passion. To people who seek and find undiscovered hotspots in the remotest corners of the earth. To people who listen to their hundreds of thousands of years old DNA that drives them to recreate our beloved fin wearers and overcome boundaries - with the capture of life as their goal. We support these people like you and me with our products.

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Wading boots

Wading boots are exposed to extreme conditions in daily use. Andrew's expertise in technical footwear and our experience in the world of fly fishing have resulted in products that deliver what we promise.

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Wading gear

Anyone who spends hours chasing his dream fish in ice-cold water knows all too well how important it is to stay dry and warm! Our waders are designed & developed in South Tyrol and extensively tested before they are produced in series.

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Fishing flies

Our brand has grown up with artificial fishing flies. They were, so to speak, the reason why hotfly superb was founded in 2010. Our claim is simple to explain, but ambitious: we want to offer the most catching fishing flies.

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2 to 3 years warranty on all fly fishing equipment

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Fly fishing tackle

We deliberately do not develop a huge number of products but concentrate on a small but fine selection, tailored to fly fishers who value great products at a fair price!

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