Pure Fly fishing -
engineered in the Alps

Water does not belong to humans, but humans belong to water. And we belong to the breathtaking waters of our Alps.

Having grown up on the wild crystal clear streams of South Tyrol, we have spent countless hours and days fly fishing since we can remember. The breathtaking landscapes, the feeling of being alone in the water, of being able to escape from everyday life for a little while, and the unwavering need to elicit a tiny part of nature's secrets from us do not cease to fascinate us.

Born a fly fisherman, we have always been on the lookout for new waters and the fish of our lives - and have left well-trodden paths behind us. The desire for better equipment finally led us to make our own: hotfly superb was born. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

What makes our products stand out

From & for
fly fisherman

Respect for the violence of water in the back of our minds - knowing that we only ever have a chance with nature and not against it, we develop our fly fishing equipment in South Tyrol. Experienced guides, casting instructures and fly fishers help us to develop functional and technical fly fishing equipment that is different.


Alpine environment does not forgive mistakes, whether in or out of the water. It is something else to live our passion at a thundering mountain stream or at a quiet flowing meadow stream. That's why we make sure that only the best materials are used. Years of enjoyment with our products and maximum safety are our first goals.

Evolution beats

The laws of the market seem to demand new products again and again - but new products are not always noticeably better. We think relatively little of the seasonal novelties circus. Instead, we gently develop products that have proven themselves over many years - without throwing everything over the top. Evolution usually beats revolution.

Inspiring customers

It's no fun selling garbage! We want to create progressive, iconic fly fishing products that deliver what we promise. To achieve this, we rely on long-term partnerships in design and production. And on customers who show us with their feedback whether we are on the right track. We want to inspire our customers, because enthusiasm is the driving force behind hotfly superb.