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The PROTECT GHOST wooden landing net from hotfly superb cleverly combines the traditional aesthetics of a wooden landing net with the modern philosophy of catch & release by using a robust, flexible and transparent rubber net. This allows fish to be released very gently and without injury, as the sensitive fish skin including the associated mucus layer is not damaged. The transparency of the rubber material also spooks the fish considerably less. The quality of workmanship of the wooden frame is excellent, and the overall weight of this medium-sized landing net is pleasingly low at only 325 grams. The carabiner on the elastic strap makes this landing net quick and easy to attach to your wading gear. Dimensions: Total length approx. 56cm, length opening approx. 38cm, width approx. 29cm, net depth approx. 25cm.

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Available from: 31.01.2023

The PROTECT GHOST wooden landing net from hotfly superb cleverly combines the traditional aesthetics of a wading net with a wooden frame with the modern philosophy of catch & release, as a robust, transparent rubber net is integrated into the frame. This soft, knotless net is as gentle as possible on the fish's sensitive skin, including the associated mucus layer, so that the caught fish can be released very carefully and undamaged.

Due to the transparency of the rubber net, the spooking effect is considerably reduced compared to a dark-coloured and thus clearly visible net. The moment of landing is particularly delicate and another run just before the landing net often means the loss of the fish you thought was safe. Another advantage of a rubber net is the fact that it does not absorb water and therefore dries in no time. This also prevents unpleasant odours from forming. In addition, the can much easier remove the hooks of your artificial flies from a rubber net. This is especially convenient when you fish with several flies or use flies with barbs.

The wooden frame gives the landing net not only an elegant appearance but is also cleanly crafted and does not weigh the landing net down unnecessarily, as the total weight of this wooden landing net is a light 325 grams. It has medium dimensions and is therefore ideal if you fish mainly for trout and grayling. Attached to the end of the handle is a carabiner on an elastic strap, allowing you to connect the landing net quickly and easily to your wading gear.

Dimensions: Total length approx 56cm, length opening approx 38cm, width approx 29cm, net depth approx 25cm.


  • Wading net with wooden frame
  • Traditional aesthetics
  • High quality workmanship
  • Transparent rubber net
  • Reduced scaring effect
  • Protects the delicate skin of the fish
  • Dries quickly
  • Does not give off unpleasant odours
  • Carabiner for fastening
Category: Landing net & Accessories
Item number: GUA101
Product weight‍: 325,00 g

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